You don’t need to call six different event planners to handle all the separate aspects of your next event. With JONNELBLOGS MEDIA event management services, you get our full premium range of event services cultivated with expertise spanned over decades of dedicated service to clients. Our experienced team & partners make the details of your next corporate party, corporate picnic, outdoor activations, movie premiere, cocktail party arrangement, company anniversary, holiday party to be easy and manageable.  We’re proud to bring our wealth of experience to your next event. Quite simple, this is event planning in Lagos and outside Lagos made easy and our services include event design, event coverage, logistics and prints & digital marketing, etc.

As part of a comprehensive event marketing package, we can start all the way from creating your invitations & tickets, producing merchandises, arrange gift bag designs, assemble and distribution at the venue. we also help with branding for your event. branded backdrops, red/green/blue carpet, give-a-ways, etc. Swag and decor can help make sure your company or personality  is unforgettable. whatever the size, scope, or scale of your next large party or premiere, we are here and known across Africa as a find it all through our integrated event management planners.

We offer a full range  service, there’s no need to go anywhere else. our distinguished professionals are with you throughout the planning, building and execution processes to ensure the utmost in event professionalism and excellence is experienced.  When you speak with one of our planners, you’ll be amazed how simple event planning can be with your budget, stated requirements, then we proceed to signing an event plan contract which we and our client will keep and follow all through the process till when we will give a report after the event.

Your next event is going to be 1 million times less stressful than the once you have experienced in time past.