Major & Indie artists utilize our Radio Promotion & Airplay Services in Promoting Music on major Radio stations across Nigeria.

 People listen to the radio Everyday, and there is a tremendous amount of potential for your music if it can get played on the radio consistently. 

Jonnelblogs Media offers a range of specialized services to help musicians gain exposure and secure airplay on radio stations. We act as intermediaries between Musicians and radio stations, leveraging our industry knowledge, connections, and promotional expertise to increase the chances of airplay and enhance the overall visibility of the music. 

We have established relationships with radio stations, program directors, music directors, DJs, and other key personnel in the industry. Jonnelblogs Media also maintains a comprehensive database of radio stations, keeping track of each station's preferences, submission guidelines, and contact details. 

Tracking and reporting are essential components of our service. We monitor the airplay of the artist's songs on various radio stations, keeping a record of which stations are playing the music, the frequency of airplay, and any listener feedback received. They provide regular reports to the artist, keeping them informed about the progress of the radio campaign and its impact.


Why is it important to get your Music on Radio? 

Broad Audience Reach: Radio stations often have established listener bases and loyal followers who tune in regularly, providing an opportunity for musicians to gain exposure to a broad range of potential fans. 

• Targeted Audience Reach: Different radio stations cater to specific music genres, styles, or audience preferences. We strategically select the right stations, so musicians can reach their target audience more effectively, increasing the chances of connecting with listeners who are more likely to resonate with their music. 

Increased Visibility and Brand Awareness: When listeners hear your music on the radio, it can leave a lasting impression and make them more likely to seek out your music, follow you on social media, attend your concerts, or purchase your music. 

• Credibility and Validation: Radio airplay lends credibility and validation to your music. Being played on reputable radio stations demonstrates that your music has been recognized and approved by industry professionals.  

• Discoverability and New Fan Acquisition: Radio exposes your music to listeners who may not have come across it otherwise. It provides an opportunity for new fans to discover your music and become interested in your sound and style.  

• Impact on Streaming and Sales: When listeners hear a song they enjoy on the radio, they often turn to Shazam, streaming platforms, or digital music stores to listen to it again or add it to their personal collections. This can result in increased streaming numbers and music sales, providing a revenue stream for musicians. 

• Industry Recognition and Opportunities: Successful radio exposure can catch the attention of industry professionals, leading to opportunities such as booking agents, record label interest, festival invitations, collaborations, and other career-enhancing prospects.